• Atlanta Braves Ticket Info:

    There are five primary ways to purchase Atlanta Braves tickets:

    1. Purchase online at Braves.com (Ticketmaster)

    2. Purchase online at Stubhub

    3. Purchase online at Ebay

    4. Purchase at a Ticketmaster outlet, such as Publix supermarkets

    5. Purchase in person at the Turner Field box office

    Purchasing tickets at the Turner Field box office IN ADVANCE is the only way to avoid paying a service or transaction fee. If you purchase tickets at the box office on the day of the game you’re attending, you will pay a walk-up fee of $3 per ticket. Therefore, the next time you visit Turner Field, you can save money by purchasing tickets there for the next game you plan to attend.

    If you’re not a 755 Club member and are interested in checking it out, it’s generally easy to find tickets on Ebay that include 755 Club passes.

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