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    Braves broadcasting legend, Skip Caray

    Occasionally, I am asked the question, “Who is your favorite Atlanta Brave of all time?”  My answer is always the same…

    Skip Caray.

    It was three years ago today that Skip Caray, one of the finest announcers and greatest baseball personalities of all time, left us.  I was surprised by the level of loss I felt for a person who I had never even met. But like so many others, I felt as though I knew him.  That’s because Skip Caray was never anything different on-air than he was anywhere else. What you saw was what you got with Skip. No pretense.

    I moved around a lot as a kid, but because of TBS, wherever we were, Skip was on the TV every day for six months out the year. Though I never had the privilege of shaking his hand, he was a part of my life, and miss him still.

    From the humor and levity he brought to the broadcasts during some truly awful Braves seasons… to his triumphant calls in the 90’s and beyond, he left many thousands of fans with memories we’ll carry as long as we live.

    Today, I want to invite you to share your Skip Caray memories. Stories, quotes, whatever. Here are a few that come to mind for me:

    •    “The bases are loaded, and I wish I was too.”
    •    “And like lambs to the slaughter, the Braves take the field.”
    •    “A partial sellout today”
    •    “Well, here we are in the bottom of the fifth, which is exactly where I’d like to be.”
    •    “Hello again everybody, welcome to another night of Atlanta Braves baseball”
    •    “Chopper to Chipper”

    •    When a ball was fouled into the stands, Skip would often comment, “And a fan from [random town] comes away with the ball.”  For years, I wondered how he knew where the fan was from. Of course, he was simply pulling a town name out of a proverbial hat. But I don’t think I was alone in wondering how he knew where that fan who caught the ball was from.

    •    During a game in Pittsburgh, Joe Simpson was broadcasting alongside Skip.  Joe said “The Braves have the right guy at the plate. Brian Jordan’s leading the world in hitting against lefties!” Skip’s response (after a lengthy pause): “Ya know, Pittsburgh has one of the prettiest airports in the entire country.” Joe began to laugh and could only manage a “WHAT??” through his laughter. I don’t recall Skip’s explanation for such a random thought, but remember that he had one. Classic.
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