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    Podcast: Here’s Why Braves Were Careful This Winter. Oh … and IT’S OPENING DAY!

    The Atlanta Braves are about to play meaningful baseball just hours from the moment I click “publish” on this post. And that’s pretty cool. But what about that quiet winter? What gives?! Why did the Braves add only ONE significant piece over the offseason?

    Here is my take on the winter that was, and it’s guaranteed to make a few heads explode. You’ve been warned! (Also, see post-recording note below SoundCloud player)

    POST-RECORDING NOTE: I should clarify that the Braves DID in fact make offers for players what would have improved the team in 2019 at the expense of seasons ahead. I probably overstated the rigidness of the approach. They’re willing to dent the future some for 2019 success. But at this point they’re more conservatve regarding moves that may sting a year or two (or longer) down the road when they expect the wave to be cresting.