• DINING: Where to eat at the ballpark & on your way to or from the game

    If you’re planning to eat at the ballpark, there are of course, plenty of options… from recognized chains to Turner Field originals. In general, the food is not bad at all, but as is the case at every professional sports venue in the nation, it’s overpriced.


    In-park dining options include:

    • McCann’s burgers is a recent addition to The Ted, behind the clubhouse store, beneath the scoreboard.
    • Smokehouse BBQ, which offers barbeque ribs, chicken, pork and more. It’s located in the fan plaza near the main gate. 
    • Chick-Fil-A is hard to beat for a good quick-service chicken sandwich; located in Field level tunnel, near the Right Field corner. 
    • Peachtree Street Pizza, which serves less-than-stellar (but not terrrible) pizza by the slice.
    • The Chop House is a full-service restaurant, featuring views of the field from beyond the Right Field wall (there is a time limit as to how long guests can remain at tables with a field view).

    And in addition to all the traditional concessions (hot dogs, cotton candy, etc.), you can also enjoy a funnel cake or Dippin’ Dots ice cream. And keep in mind that outside food and drinks ARE permitted at Turner Field, as long as it’s not in a glass or metal container (no outside alcohol allowed).

    As for dining options outside of the ballpark, you should know that Turner Field is an island; well isolated from all other dining and entertainment options. You have one–count them…ONE–dining option outside of The Ted, within walking distance. “The Bullpen”, located near the Southwest corner of the park, is nothing to text home about, let alone write home about. However, if you’re looking for a place within walking distance to grab a burger or rib plate that’s not as overpriced is the in-park options, it will do just fine.

    That said, Turner Field is located in the heart of Atlanta, so there are plenty of entertainment and dining options a short drive away. If you’re unfamiliar with Atlanta, here are a few recommendations for grabbing a bite or a beverage on the way to or from The Ted.


    Outside dining options

    • The Vortex in Midtown Atlanta (that’s the closest location) is a one-of-a-kind bar and burger joint, which has been featured by the Travel Channel and countless publications.
    • Atlantic Station, just north of downtown on the I-75/I-85 connector, is a shopping & entertainment district with many quality dining options.
    • Antico’s Pizza, located just North of GA Tech and west of the I-75/I-85 connector, is widely regarded to offer the best pizza in the Atlanta metro area.
    • The Varsity in Midtown Atlanta on the I-75/I-85 connector, is an Atlanta institution, known for quick service burgers and hotdogs.
    • Ted’s Montana Grill is chain of steak/burger restaurants co-owned by former Atlanta Braves owner, Ted Turner. Both the food and ambience are excellent. Ted’s has locations in both downtown and Midtown Atlanta, as well as many locations in suburban Atlanta.
    • The Hudson Grille in Midtown Atlanta is a good option if you’re looking for a sports bar to hit after that game.

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