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    SOUTHERN FRIED BASEBALL RADIO: 8-8-11… Can the Braves Match the Phillies?


    Braves stil boast the NL's second-best record

    The Braves are winning. BUT… they still aren’t firing on all cylinders.  The NL East pennant race is likely a lost cause. However, the NL Wild Card leading Braves could still be on a collision course with the Phillies come October.  So how ’bout it…  Can the Braves match the Phillies? Kent Covington breaks it all down in this week’s edition of Southern Fried Baseball radio.

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    Southern Fried Baseball Radio — July 28, 2011

    As Major League Baseball’s non-waiver trade deadline nears, Kent Covington opines about who the Braves might target and the importance of not overpaying.

    NOTE: Chicago’s Carlos Quentin was not mentioned in the podcast, but he is another strong trade possibility for the Braves.