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    Braves have “moved on” from Dempster deal

    The Braves aren't waiting around for Cubs RHP Ryan Dempster

    Atlanta Braves General Manager, Frank Wren, told a local sports talk radio station this morning that his team has “moved on” from the Ryan Dempster deal. In an interview on 680 The Fan in Atlanta, Wren said the parameters for the deal “expired yesterday”.

    Chicago Cubs ace Ryan Dempster was believed to be near the top of the Braves’ wishlist, and on Monday, it was reported by several media outlets that a deal had been finalized to bring Dempster to Atlanta. However, this apparently came as news to  veteran right-handed starting pitcher, who stated on his Twitter account “THERE IS NO TRADE. I don’t know where this info came from”.

    As Frank Wren confirmed in the interview, a deal for Dempster was in fact in place, but in this case, the player must sign off on the trade, which never happened. Dempster has “10-5” no-trade authority. That means that as a player with 10 years of MLB experience and 5 years with his current team, he has the right to veto any trade. It is not clear that he ever officially vetoed the pending trade, but at the very least, he drug his feet long enough to force the Braves to assume the deal was dead.

    Dempster’s first choice all along was to be traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers. He would prefer to move to the west coast, and he would like to play alongside his close friend, former Cubs teammate and current Dodger, Ted Lilly. It was widely reported, however, that he did list the Braves as his second choice, seemingly indicating that he would accept a trade to Atlanta if such a deal were brokered.

    Wren did not rule out the possibility that a Dempster-to-Atlanta trade could still occur, but he called that scenario “very highly unlikely”.

    The Braves’ GM said the team is still looking for an impact starting pitcher and that he feels there are still such players  available on the trade market. He did not name potential candidates, but many believe Brewers RHP Zack Greinke was actually the Braves’ first choice all along. Other possible trade targets include Minnesota’s Fransisco Liriano and the Cubs’ Matt Garza.

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