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    Braves camp update: Hanson, Freeman feeling better… Pastornicky having fun.

    By Kent Covington

    Braves RHP Tommy Hanson

    First, an injury update.

    Tommy Hanson: The ill effects of a mild concussion sustained by Hanson in a single-car accident last week have largely subsided. Hanson reported that Wednesday morning’s bullpen session went better than expected. He hopes to resume training without restriction soon.

    Freddie Freeman: Freeman’s right kneecap briefly popped out of place Tuesday while kneeling to pick a throw during a defensive drill. While publicly expressing optimism, he now admits to being a bit more anxious about the injury than he originally let on. However, tests revealed the knee to be structurally sound, and when Freeman woke up Wednesday morning, he was able to get out of bed “without really any pain”. The Braves first-baseman will begin wearing a brace on his right knee from now on. The team hopes to have him in the lineup at some point next week after Grapefruit League action begins.

    Tyler Pastornicky is enjoying his first spring training camp since being named the Braves starting shortstop. He’s also drawing praise from Chipper Jones (see video below), which is always a good thing, given Chipper’s reliable candor. When Jones offers praise, he’s not blowing smoke.

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